June 2012 Financial Summary

On June 3rd we opened a PayPal account for contributions; as of June 30th we had no contributions to that account.

Our first contribution was $30.00 on June 25th followed by another $25.00 on June 29th; both from our executive director.

Notice was given by our former website hosting service that it would no longer support FTP access to our site; reemployamerica.bravehost.com. With the limited access to load our own files, documents and pages, our executive director purchased two internet domain names and website hosting through Go Daddy on June 26th. The initial cost was $19.15, which included domain registration and site hosting. The two domains registered with ICAAN are reemployamerica.org and reemployamerica.us; both will be renewed on June 25th 2013. The monthly cost for hosting maintenance will be $14.00

Marketing credits provided by Go Daddy with the hosting service includes $50 for Facebook, $100 for Google and another $100 for Yahoo/Bing. We started marketing on Facebook on June 28th, this has shown to have some positive response. The marketing option chosen was designed to show the website ad, 1,000 unique impressions for $5.00 per day. To utilize the $50.00 Go Daddy/Facebook credit, a minimum of $5.00 had to be reserved; which will not be used without further analysis of the return on investment. That ad will run through July 8th using only the $50.00 credit. Another $50.00 offer has been provided by Facebook which will be used at a later date.

This summary was prepared by William Brown and is subject to update as needed to keep our supporters properly informed.

The Basic Financials for June 2012

Running Income and Expense Report for 2012.
As expenses are reported, links to the reciepts will be provided; reciepts will be provided in a seperate window as a jpg.

Date Item/Description Credit Debit Balance
6/25/2012 Contribution 30.00
6/26/2012 Go Daddy Website Hosting
19.15 10.85
6/29/2012 Contribution 25.00
6/30/2012 Closing Balance $55.00 $19.15 $35.85