Our Email Addresses

All emails may be received by more than one recipient. Your email may be answered by any one of our Board Members, executives or staff.
Any email deemed to be derogatory, inflammatory, threatening, containing verbiage you would not use in church and/or likewise uncivil will be posted to the website with the sender's email address and name as provided in the "From" line of the email.

Essays, studies and opinions. studies@reemployamerica.org
All submissions must include at a minimum; your full name, your home state and Congressional district, (these will not be made public) email address and phone number of best contact.
Papers may be classified by the author as an essay, study or an opinion, however, the tone presented may cause it to be classified otherwise.
Submit essays, studies and petitions in MSWord 2003 or OpenOffice formats. We will convert these to a web-page and a pdf. We do not edit documents for content, we may format for better conversion to other document types.
Essays and studies require cited sources. We give byline credit to authors of submitted works.
Opinions will be submitted on behalf of the author, these will be bylined as an opinion and will not be edited for content.

Volunteer opportunities.
If you wish to volunteer for our organization please review the opportunities available we have listed on our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Employment Opportunities
If you are seeking employment with our organization please review the opportunities available we have listed on our Career Opportunities page.

Events. events@reemployamerica.org
We list our events on the right side of each page.
If you would like to invite us to participate in your event, please provide the following information:
Person of contact with their telephone number and email, website if available, place, date(s), times and the type of partcipation desired, i.e. booth, speaking, promotional materials etc. etc.

News. news@reemployamerica.org
Due budget constraints, we are not able to provide compensation for news articles submitted.
If you have an origanal or compiled news article about the economy, please submit your article.
We require your full name, email address, the news organization your are submitting the article for, if you are submitting this freelance please tell us. If you have previously published the article on another website or in a newspaper please provide that information.
News articles must show unbiased facts and citations.

Media. media@reemployamerica.org
All inquiries will be addressed to and by our Executive Director.
You must submit your full name, best contact phone number and hours available and your time zone and the news organization you represent.
Please submit specific questions.
Interviews will be held at our online conference website at www.bigmarker.com/reemploy_america and will be open to the public. The full interview will be recorded, transcribed and posted to the website. Interviews not with the Executive Director will not be considered the official positition of Re-Employ America unless specified prior to the interview.

Elected and Government Officials. elected@reemployamerica.org
If you are an elected or government official, at any level of government, your emails will be made available on the website.
You must provide your name, title, position or office, home city and state, Congressional disrict, direct phone number and official office email address, level of government - local, state or federal. Any email received in which your official position in stated, that email will be considered to be from and on behalf of that office or agency.

Other Inquiries. info@reemployamerica.org
For all inquiries, questions, suggestions or obtaining other information not found on the website.
Be specific with your inquiry.