Getting the Message Out

We are their employer; it’s that simple. Our members of Congress need direction when they have gotten lost in their party dogma. Most do not understand economic basics, nor do they know how to balance a budget.

The members of Congress have salaries and benefits that are normally reserved for senior corporate executives. Congress routinely exempts itself from laws that the rest of us are required to follow.

For the last 20 – 30 years Congress has sold laws that neither grow our economy nor create jobs in the United States. In recent years Congress has not been able to balance the federal budget, has created higher social service use due to higher unemployment and underemployment as a result of tax breaks, loopholes, subsidies and other rewards given to manufacturers to export jobs offshore.

The following petitions are written to address our concerns for the economic future of our country. Each of these petitions are based on the premise that under the 1st Amendment we have the right and obligation to question those we elect. Each petition should be written and supported on one or more Constitutional Articles and/or Amendments; when such Articles and/or Amendments support the demands in each petition, those should be cited.

When one person sends a letter by regular mail, email or even through social media, their Representatives are not likely to give a real response, not much more than words on paper that say nothing. One reason for this is that the members of Congress are confident that we won’t share their answers with others. We want to change that; when more than one person sends the same message, that means more Americans are aware of the obligations the members of Congress have. Not only do we want you to send these messages; we also want to share the answers you get in return.

We will share the answers you get on subsequent pages if you send them to us. To share letters you've written, responses to these petitions or letters you sent, please email them to, and we'll be happy to share.

The Petitions

Employment Compensation for Congressional Representatives

No member of Congress shall receive pay greater than the national median household income as determined by the U.S. Census Bureau for the present year. Health and Disability insurance shall be provided at equal rates and coverage as provided to a majority of legally employed American workers not protected by and or held by labor union regulations. No member of Congress shall be allowed to demand fees, wages, salaries or other compensation from personal or private appearances for personal use. No member of Congress shall hold a position of authority/management in any not-for-profit and/or for profit organization.

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Increase Manufacturing in America

One manufacturing facility with 500 employees from senior management to maintenance can contribute as much as $10,000 worth of wages per hour ($87.6 million per year) to a local economy. This puts small businesses in a position to expand, new businesses to start and grow, local services like firefighters, police, libraries, schools are funded with local tax-dollars without increasing local or state taxes or getting more federal help by taxing the middle-class and small businesses.

With that said, since the 1990s U.S. non-food consumer product manufacturers have received free trade agreements with 20 countries, trillions of dollars in tax breaks, loopholes and subsidies every year to relocate offshore. Over 60% of non-food consumer products are imported by U.S. based corporations. Over 5 million Americans have lost their jobs because of these FTA’s and financial incentives.

What will you do to increase the manufacturing of non-food consumer products in America?

You Have Refused to Grow the Economy

Since the day you took your oath of office you have made it clear that you had no intention of putting the United States economy back on track. You have made it very clear that you had no intention of creating a legitimate environment for unemployed and underemployed Americans to become middle-class taxpayers.

When consumer products are "Made in USA", Americans work, when Americans work the economy grows and they pay taxes, when the economy grows and middle-class Americans pay taxes the national budget gets balanced and fewer Americans are relying on social services for survival.

Your failure to understand this basic and proven concept has perpetuated a stricken economy. Your failure to act with honor, integrity and patriotism will help your failure to get re-elected.

You are now being notified that because of your intentional failure to represent the people of your district/state, your employment contract will be terminated at the earliest possible election.

Are you acting in conflict of interest?

1. As a member of Congress, have you made any personal investments in US corporations that benefit from any legislation you have sponsored, cosponsored or voted on that would also benefit you or your family personally?

2. Have you or your immediate family members ever participated in activities that would be considered as insider trading for other Americans although legal for the members of Congress and their spouses or other immediate family members?

3. What are your personal financial incentives that are a conflict of interest that would prevent you from supporting the revocation of tax breaks, loopholes aid subsidies to US based manufacturers that have moved offshore?

4. What are your personal financial incentives that are a conflict of interest that would prevent you from supporting regulations that benefit consumers, the general public or the environment?

United States Fair Tariff Act

The failures of our Congresses since the mid ‘70’s have created an irreversible global trade deficit. Our trade with other countries is arranged to benefit individual companies or industries, not the nation. The U.S. needs fair and equal trade.

The last year the United States had a global net trade surplus was 1975 with $12.404 billion ($52.259 billion in 2012 dollars). At the end of 2011 the U.S. traded with 235 countries, including our FTA partners, we have an accumulated net trade deficit totaling $928 billion with 95 of those countries. Our imports for 2011 totaled $2.2 trillion. Up front this is impressive, until we look at what we exported; $1.5 trillion, a net deficit of $300 billion.

Our top three import countries in 2011 were China [18.09%], Canada [14.34%] and Mexico [11.92%] combined these account for 44.35% of our imports. All of these imports entered the United States duty free; most of these were products with U.S. based brands.

Products manufactured within the United States are assessed an average of 25% duty into non-FTA countries, including China. China received $104 billion worth of products in 2011, duty on these products would have been almost $26 billion. Globally, the United States could have received $552 billion, since 1987 that is a total of $7 trillion.

It is time for Congress to take real actions to grow the economy, reduce unemployment and balance the budget with legitimate tax reform that benefits the United States as whole.

The United States Congress is now directed by its constituents to write a bill that requires all products enter the United States with the same import tariffs as those assessed by the country from which these are produced, regardless of the country in which the manufacturer is based. Once the bill is enacted as law by the President, for the next ten years; 2014 – 2023, the United States will increase federal revenues by as much as $8.5 trillion. Congress is further directed that it will not provide exceptions, loopholes, subsidies and/or exemptions from the law.

$16 trillion secretly gifted to banks

Since July of 2007, over 14 million unemployed Americans have been held in economic hostage by 537 millionaires who can’t balance a checkbook, can’t control federal financial fraud and abuse and blatantly refuses to end tax evasion and money laundering schemes in the tax code. Congress helps keep Americans unemployed with unfair free trade agreements. To further guarantee long-term if not permanent high unemployment, $16 trillion was gifted to all of the wealthiest banks in the world.

Starting December 2010, along with the publicized bailout funds provided to the deregulated financial sector, the Federal Reserve gifted $16 Trillion in secret bailouts; this is the equivalency of about $55,000 per person with personal income of less than $250,000 per year. 290 million Americans could have done more with that $55,000 than any financial institution could have.

We, the majority, have been coerced into debt by ex-patriot U.S. based AND foreign financial institutions. How much of this money was used to lobby Congress, pay multi-million dollar bonuses to CEOs, other senior executives, dishonest sales reps while Americans are struggling to get mortgage payments to these financial institutions.

Why isn’t Congress demanding this money back with interest? We demand that these illegal gifts be returned in full, with interest, to the people of the United States immediately?