Some of these links are non-reciprocal. With some of the organizations, we did ask some for permission to list their link. We asked so that we would not interfere with their message or imply that they support Re-Employ America and/or agree with our message.

Links to Govenment Agencies and Organizations

U.S. Government links do not include the Office of the President, U.S. House or Senate.

Office of the United States Trade Representative
Federal Trade commission
U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission
Congressional Budget Office
U.S. Census Bureau

Links to Nonprofit Organizations

These links are organizations that advocate the importance of economic stability, fair employment and equitable taxation.

If you have the authority to request that we provide a link to a charity or other nonprofit website please contact us at
The Committee for Economic Development Institute for Global Labour & Human Rights American Presidency Project

Links to For Profit Organizations

For profit organizations may include news sources, PACs, political candidates, companies and organizations that influence employment, economics and politics in the United States. These listings are not to be construed or imply that Re-Employ America supports, approves of and/or shares the messages of the listed organizations.